Skin lesions occur for various reasons:

Mother and child
Facial skin protection
Protection of the skin of hands and feet
Traveler protection
Recovery from burns and injuries
Recovery after cosmetic procedures
Postoperative scars
Chronic skin diseases
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  • skin abrasion and wounds;
  • chemical and thermal burns;
  • postoperative scars of any origin;
  • for the healing of the trophic ulcer;
  • hemorrhoids (after surgery);
  • anal fissures;
  • atrophic scars after acne.
Mother and child:
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  • C-section scars;
  • cracked nipples;
  • atrophic scars (stretch marks);
  • baby's skin cracks and roughness (from shoes, rough clothes);
  • baby's diaper rash;
  • children’s post-traumatic scars and abrasions.
Facial skin protection:
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  • chapped skin;
  • cold allergy.
Protection of the skin of hands and feet:
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  • calluses and cracks on the heels;
  • cracked skin on the arms and legs;
  • skin protection from adverse environmental factors.
Traveler protection:
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  • sunburns;
  • abrasions and microtraumas.
Recovery from burns and injuries:
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  • chemical burns (with concentrated acids);
  • thermal burns (with a hot object, open fire, sun);
  • cuts, abrasions, and wounds (of any origin).
Recovery after cosmetic procedures:
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  • laser resurfacing (accelerates skin regeneration);
  • micro-trauma after facial cleansing;
  • reduced regeneration of the epidermis;
  • mechanical or chemical medium peeling;
  • sugaring, laser, or wax hair removal;
  • tattoos, permanent make-up;
  • piercings.
Postoperative scars:
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  • plastic surgeries;
  • general operations on visible areas (head, face, neck, arms, and legs);
  • children's aesthetic and dental operations (cheiloschisis: cleft palate, cleft lip, etc.)
Chronic skin diseases:
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  • healing of diabetic foot wounds;
  • in the complex treatment of trophic ulcers;
  • skin diseases with long-term epidermal recovery.

Uniqueness  PAN VILON®

PAN VILON® is an innovative cosmetic product created using the unique KHAVINSON PEPTIDES® technology, the efficiency of which has been confirmed by many years of laboratory and clinical observations and scientific research.
Regulators act as a leading role in supporting homeostasis, constancy of cellular structures.
They coordinate the processes of biosynthesis and maintenance of the genetic constancy of the composition of organs and tissues of the body. It is possible due to the production and secretion of a number of cellular mediators. Peptide regulators play the leading role among them. They are responsible for a compensatory response to a stressful situation.
Dipeptide VILON® is the main ingredient of the product.
This peptide bioregulator is composed of two amino acids: lysine and glutamine. These amino acids are part of cytokines. These are peptides that read information from a cell’s genetic structure and transmit it to other cell formations. Thus, they provide differentiation, activate cell functions, and initiate cell growth.
The stimulating effect of VILON® on metabolic processes in cells that increase their viability was confirmed by laboratory and clinical research.
The product enhances the resistance of cells to adverse external factors under stress. VILON® has clinically proven favorable effects in the complex therapy of various damaged skin conditions.

Composition and key ingredients:

Dipeptide-9, peptide bioregulator KE
Ultra-short peptide-based bioregulator, which includes two amino acids: lysine and glutamine (Lys-Glu). It starts the process of cell regeneration, stimulating the synthesis of fibroblasts.
Tripeptide-62, peptide bioregulator KED
Ultra-short peptide-based bioregulator, which includes two amino acids: lysine and glutamine (Lys-Glu). It starts the process of cell regeneration, stimulating the synthesis of fibroblasts. A complex of AC-2 peptides supporting the functional state of blood vessels.
Sea-buckthorn seed oil
Plant product — activates metabolism in skin cells, stimulates regeneration.
Lactic acid
Stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, forms a protective barrier on the skin.
Skin moisturizing ingredient.


The speed of wound healing is influenced by external and internal factors.
External factors:
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions;
  • stressful situations.
Internal factors are:
  • metabolic diseases such as diabetes;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • connective tissue diseases;
  • weak immune system;
  • age;
  • bad habits.
Peptides start new cell synthesis, skin regeneration, help to restore skin after inflammatory reactions, microtraumas.

In the body, lysine is converted into allysin, which stimulates the production of fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen and elastin — the basis of the skin support structure.

The use of VILON® reduces the duration of inflammation by stimulating the synthesis of immunocompetent cells. In this case, the inflammatory phase is quickly followed by the healing phase. It speeds up regeneration with minimal scarring involving connective tissue.

VILON® is an analogue of a peptide isolated from the thymus of young
cattle. These main functions of the product
have been confirmed by study:

  • helps to stimulate an immune response;
  • has antineoplastic properties;
  • stimulates the regeneration of organs and tissues.

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Impressive results

Combined with other wound-healing components VILON® removes scar redness, flattens its appearance and relieves sensations of cicatricial tissue tightness. For babies, PAN VILON® successfully minimizes the formation of scar tissue after surgery. After regular use, traces of surgery are hardly noticeable. The same applies to other surgeries performed at an early age, for example, removing a hemangioma.
First day
First day
3-rd day
3-rd day
7-th day
7-th day
10-th day
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Do peptide products cause allergies?
Sometimes people with allergic reactions to protein are afraid of using a cream with peptides. However, VILON® is an ultrashort peptide, a tiny piece of protein that is normally obtained after ingestion and disintegration in the intestines. Therefore, the body perceives such fragments as its own and does not activate an irritation reaction or an allergic reaction. Due to its small size, as well as the vegetable oil as one of the ingredients, all components penetrate the deep layers of the skin and activate cell metabolism.
What is the advantage of PAN VILON®?
PAN VILON® cream, having a regulatory effect, does not violate the hormonal balance. It can be used without a doctor's prescription, as compared to a cream with hormones. Ultra-short peptides penetrate into the deep dermal layers, while the active components of other cosmetic products cannot overcome the epidermis permeation barrier.
From what age PAN VILON® can be used?
The product can be used for adults and kids from the age of 0.
How to use peptide cream?
The product is applied to the treated area and spread over its surface evenly, in a thin layer.
Product contraindications
An allergic reaction to one of the components of the cream may become a contraindication. Therefore, if you experience allergies, stop using the product. The cream is for external use only.
Where can I buy PAN VILON®?
You can order and buy a cream with peptides at OZON, Wildberries,, CLUB120, or other online stores.

You can order and buy a cream with peptides today!